UPR G-774N

Designed for spray up and hand lay-up operation. G- 774N is particularly suitable for fishing boats, cruise ship, yachts, bath-tubs, shower booths, water tank etc. G- 774N shows excellent non-sagging or non-drain out properties on vertical surface.


For hand lay-up and spray up laminatings. This resin is particularly suitable for septic tanks, general tanks, back up tank for bath tubs, cooling towers and other general FRP products.

UPR P-330

For continuous lamination. The outstanding characteristics of this resin are good transparent, weather resistance and stability in transparency. P-330 is a particularly suitable for coating on flat and corrugated laminates surface.

UPR P-110

For casting and glossy casting with some addition such as Calcium carbonate or Aluminium and Trihydrate, minimize film shrinkage.


ALS-700HV is a long oil soybean modified alkyd in air- dry type. It is suitable for both interior and exterior architectural enamels, housing and marine finishes.


AS-65 is a non air-drying short oil alkyd resin, palm kernel oil based